Alex Honnold could be Sheldon Cooper’s Stunt Double.

Alex Honnold is Sheldon Cooper's stunt double

I’ve Been Dancing on My Own.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: a collaboration that is half dirty too, perhaps they’d be better alone.

We went to watch ‘Free Solo’ at the cinema the other day. Does anyone else think that Alex Honnold is a bit like Big Bang’s ‘Sheldon Cooper’?

Aside from the looks; skinny looking, dark haired young man, Alex, like Sheldon, doesn’t quite understand the world around him as the rest of us understand it. He thinks what he does is normal. He seems somewhat emotionally detached.

However, unlike Sheldon, Alex Honnold is real and, I suspect, has more muscle power in one of his fingers than I possess in my whole body!

pop trivia: The lyric is from the 2018 ‘Clean Bandit’ hit, ‘Solo’, featuring ‘Demi Lovato’ on vocals.

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