Langwith Parish Council

Janet Smith, Independent Councillor

Janet Vida Smith, Bassett Ward Candidate

I live on Langwith Drive, I care about our community and I would like to help make it a better place to live, work and grow up.

Thank you for your support in the local election on 2nd May 2019 and for helping me secure a seat on the council. My first Ordinary Council Meeting is 21st May 2019; early days yet, I’ll post updates on my new Langwith Council Facebook Page.

With your continued support, I will campaign for improvements to our local community; those that you care about (listed A-Z) …

  • Beautifying Langwith: for example, Colliery Truck – Daffodils
  • Boxing Club
  • Children’s Activities
  • Crime and Policing
  • Fracking
  • History: for example, Remembrance – Mining
  • Littering and Dog Poo
  • Medical Centre
  • Petty Vandalism: for example, to Play Park – to Poulter Park Sculptures – to Cars
  • Rhubarb Farm
  • Supporting Local Businesses
  • Village Events

Now that I am elected, I am trying to quickly get to grips with the full remit of the Parish Council and will then endeavour to help prioritise taking action on initiatives our community cares about; that are the responsibility of the Parish Council.

I will consult with the community and keep everyone informed when decisions are made. I believe that the Parish Council should be a powerful force within our community; that the Parish Council should support the community and that the community should support the Parish Council.

Together, we can ensure Langwith is a great place, one that we are all proud to be part of.

Independent Councillor,
Langwith Parish Council
Langwith Drive,

This webpage has been created by Janet Smith, Independent Councillor on Langwith Parish Council.

Of Langwith Drive. NG20 9DJ. May 2019.