Scary Black Friday Ski Run | Tortin Verbier.

Tortin Verbier. Black Ski Run in Switzerland

Today I Might be Mad, Tomorrow I’ll be Glad.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: band with a simple rhythm are thinking about the end of the working week.

Black Friday is NOT a day for shopping; it is a day for preparing yourself mentally for the forthcoming ski season. Scare yourself silly watching videos of skiers doing black runs around the world.

This year’s offering comes from Verbier. Tortin is marked on the piste map as an itinerary route. This means that is not piste-ed. Which in turn means that, depending on conditions, you might have to negotiate moguls as deep as you are tall.

The peak of Mont Fort at 3,330m, gives you a fabulous panorama view and is where your heart will start to race. The start is not too committing as you get to traverse the right side of the valley, but there is no going back. At some point you have to turn left; and that’s when you’ll get to experience the true steepness of the slope.

The route is not long at 1.3km; and sometimes the trickiest obstacles are the bodies of skiers who are not quite up to the task and are either gingerly making their way down by side slipping or going base over apex at a rate of knots!

pop trivia: the Australian band the ‘Easybeats’ had a hit in 1966 with ‘Friday on my Mind’. This working-class anthem was voted Australia’s best song in 2001 and has been covered by the likes of Bowie and Springsteen.

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