Skiers’ Christmas Ski Gift Guide – Under £20.

Santa Claus brings the gift of skiing along with Christmas cards

Always Touched by Your Presence (sic).

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: having a blonde moment.

A Christmas gift for a skier in the ‘under £20’ category probably falls into one of three groups;

  • A ski gift that is practical and useful.
  • Something silly and jokey.
  • Something to inspire and cherish.

Four Ski Gifts for Under £20.

So, in a quick round up, I’ll point you in the direction of a few ski gifts in each group; happy shopping!

P20 Sun Protection.
P20 Sun Tan Lotion with SPF15

One for the practical and useful ski gift gift category.

Most skiers don’t have too much skin exposed to the sun, but the bits that are need good protection. The sun’s rays are more damaging at altitude and it’s easy to forget to apply sun protection when you stop for a coffee (or gluwein) and take your goggles off.

P20 is the perfect answer as it only needs applying once a day: offering 10 hours protection from the sun, simply slap it on as part of your morning routine and you’ll be covered right through until Apres Ski!

The alcohol-based formula is fragrance and paraben free and its thin consistency means a little goes a long way, so whilst it might seem a bit pricey, P20 is actually more economical than most other sun lotions and potions.

I’d recommend the original P20 SPF30 transparent lotion (don’t opt for the spray, spraying your face is not nice) in the 100ml size.

The Art of Skiing.
The Art Of Skiing. The Beekley Family Foundation

A ski gift to inspire and cherish.

The Beekley Collection is the largest private collection of vintage skiing art in the world and contains evocative posters and photographs that chart over 100 years of development in Winter Sport from the early days to the development of fashionable resorts for the rich and famous in America and Europe in the 1930s.

Jenny de Gex was granted access to the collection and has compiled ‘The Art of Skiing’ and published it just in time for our Christmas pressie list (published by Palazzo ISBN: 978-0-9571483-7-6).

Ski Socks.
Heat Holders Socks as worn in Ischgl

The very practical ski gifts category.

A good pair of ski socks can make the difference between toasty toes and feeling miserable all day because you have cold feet, they can ensure your boots are as comfortable as they can be and, these days, the technical fabrics and compression can help give protection to your muscles.

An exceptional pair of ski socks can easily cost over £20, but for the occasional, one week a year skier a good pair of Heat Holders comes within the skier gifts under £20 category.

Movie Screening or the DVD.

Definitely one for the awe inspiring category of ski gifts.

Warren Miller may have died, but his legacy lives on. He was the master at producing ever more awe-inspiring ski movies; showing them in cinema screens across the country and making them available on DVD.

Get the latest information on screening and DVD sales from the Warren Miller UK website.

pop trivia:  “I’m always touched by your presence, dear” from ‘Presence Dear’ was Blondie’s second single to hit the UK chart, getting to Number 10 in 1978.
Ski Pole

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