Is the Collective Noun for a Group of Snowboarders a Snowboarders Sit?

Snowboarder sit, a common sight, but not this time.

Oh Sit Down, Sit Down Next To Me.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: but why oh why does it have to be on the floor at every wedding?!

If seagulls are a flock (that’s a cue for more 80s inspired blog articles if ever there was one!), cows are a herd, vultures are a wake, crows are a murder and geese are a gaggle, perhaps it ought to be a snowboarders sit!

…and I’m not the only one to ask.

  • Ski Australia asks: Why do snowboarders sit on the slopes?
  • Snowheads asks: Why do snow boarders sit in the middle of the piste?
  • Agnarchy asks: Why do snow boarders sit down so much?

Snowboarders Sit.

I understand that when snowboarders point the nose of their boards across the fall-line, instead of straight down hill, they do so in order to prevent themselves from sliding down the hill. Then to maintain balance the body has to squat, so to relieve this pressure they sit.

Now I get all that, but why in the middle of the piste?

Pop trivia: ‘Oh sit down, sit down next to me’ from ‘Sit Down’ by James released on Rough Trade in 1989.
Ski Pole

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