WriTING my Way Through Lockdown.

There's a COVID situation, leave now.

‘Cause the Writing’s on the Wall.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: my brother by other parents, spies a ghost.

WriTING Task Two: Try and recount the very first moment when the reality of the COVID situation became apparent.

As those of you who have read more than one of my blog articles will suspect: I quite like writing. So, with lockdown rules putting paid any plans for a ski trip this side of ‘sometime never’, I signed up to an online writing course.

It may surprise you to know that I haven’t written anything before where I’ve made it up. All my writing comes from facts and research and my opinions of it; to write something completely made-up, that’s a first for me.

The course was online and twice a week, for eight weeks, we were set a writing task. Sometimes long, sometimes short, sometimes odd. None were compulsory, but being someone who tends towards ‘completer/finisher’, I generally went for quantity over quality and tackled them all.

Here’s one…

2020 was supposed to be the year we didn’t go skiing, with the developing COVID situation, that turned out well! We planned a two-month trip in SE Asia.

My WriTING Effort:

OMG moment: When did the COVID situation become ‘real’?

Half way around the World and we still couldn’t tear ourselves away from being woken up by the dulcet tones of Justin Webb. So, we knew about Coronavirus. We knew we were closer to China than the UK. We knew my parents were worried about us. But we were on a BIG TRIP, and everything seemed fine as we strolled around Buddhist temples and bustling WET markets.


We were on Cat Ba Island and had booked a three-day boat cruise around the UNESCO islands of Hailong Bay.

Instead of breakfast, our host presented us with an official looking letter. To para-phrase. All boat trips are cancelled. Every hotel must close. All restaurants must close. You should leave the island NOW!

pop trivia: ‘Sam Smith’ co-wrote and performed ‘Cause the Writings on the Wall‘ as the Bond theme for 2015’s outing, ‘Spectre’. The single made it to number 1. Who knows when we are going to see Bond’s next outing.

The writing course was called Zoom with a Brew, if you’d like to read more of my efforts, they can be found here. East Midlands Arts funded the course and created a website containing the submitted work of all the writers.

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