Dynastar Intense 10; My First Impression of my New On-Piste Skis.

Dynastar Intense 10 | Women's On Piste Ski

Feelings are Intense. Words are Trivial.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: you can relish being quiet when French fashion makes the news.

How many pairs of skis does one person need? I am reliably informed that the answer is N+1, where N is the number of pairs you already own!

When you only own one pair of skis, you have to select a pair that hopes to cover every circumstance, in all snow conditions, in any resort; a tall order. As you increase the number of pairs you have, you can start to go a bit more niche. You can have a pair for bouncing around on deep powder days, you can have a pair for perfect carving on corduroy pistes, you can keep an old pair for when the grass is showing through.

After switching to women’s all-mountain skis a few seasons ago I have never looked back. This video from Dynastar demonstrates why a woman needs a woman’s ski that isn’t simply a man’s ski available in pink!

My current N+1 required that I get myself a pair of dedicated piste skis. When the off-piste is cruddy and you just fancy a day cruising around the resort in the sun, a good carving edge is what’s required.

I read reviews and opted for the Dynastar Intense 10, I bought them from Glissop.

So far, I am really pleased. They hold edges like I’m on rails. The skis turn when I want them too. They deal with lumps and bumps with ease. If I had one niggle it would be the weight; not noticeable when in use, but they are heavier than my other skis when carrying them from bus to lift to piste.

pop trivia: ‘Depeche Mode’ released the single ‘Enjoy the Silence’ in 1990. It got a BRIT for Best Single in 1991.

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