Fireworks Spectacular in Ski Resorts.

Fireworks at home, no rival to those in ski resorts not those for Olympics.

Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: in the jungle no one can here these boys scream.

You just can’t help going oooowwww and aaaaarrrh at these fireworks. OK this was London 2012 and the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, but fireworks of this scale and brilliance in the place where Guy Fawkes started our fascination for big bangs, deserves to be shared today.

I love fireworks and love the fact that many ski resorts have a weekly display for the tourists.

All across the Alps, from France to Austria, and across North America from California to Wyoming, the skies above the ski resort are regularly alight with fireworks. If you fancy it, NYE is particularly spectacular in some ski resorts in Europe or North America.

Wrapped up warm with a large mug of Gluhwein, what’s not to like?

pop trivia: Times may have changed for Ant and Dec, but who can’t resist singing along to their 1994 anthem released under the guise of PJ and Duncan (no, I don’t know which one was which either!), ‘Let’s get ready to Rhumble’?
PS: Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Mum! xx

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