Free Solo. A Climbing Movie Wins an Oscar.

Alex Honnold climbs El Capitan solo in Free Solo

Follow Me into a Solo.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: keep your eye on that digestive being dunked.

I’ve been to Yosemite in California. I’ve stood at the bottom of El Capitan and looked up and gone; “f*&% me!”.

Now, Alex Honnold has not only climbed the whole route solo, he has made a film about it; and it’s only gone and won an Oscar! The film is still showing here and there at cinemas; and may get a few more screenings now it has won an Oscar. It is also currently available to buy on many premium streaming services. National Geographic contributed to making the film, so look out for it appearing on the channel too.

From what I’ve seen, Alex looks like an unassuming bloke who is quite a deep thinker. It also looks to me like there is no one better qualified to give an opinion on climbing scenes in Hollywood Movies; GQ magazine thought so too, and this is what Alex had to say…

pop trivia: ‘Limp Bizkit’ were responsible for the theme to ‘Mission Impossible 2’; ‘Take a Look Around’. They released it and had a hit with it in 2000.

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