Ridin’ and Surfin’ in Lofoten.

Freeriding in Lofoten opportunity with Gore-Tex

They’re Either Out Surfin’ or They Got a Party Growin’.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: away from the city, in the mountains, it more like two boys for every girl.

This GORE-TEX® Experience Tour will gather a selected group of outdoor enthusiasts from all over Europe. The goal is to spend a few perfect days in an outstanding landscape: The Norwegian Lofoten. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to both freeride and surf all in one day.

I have applied for a chance to ride and surf in Lofoten with the GORE-TEX® athletes Seb Michaud, Greg Hill and Nico Zacek as well as Big wave surfer Sebastian Steudtner.

Skiing in Scandinavia.

During the ski season the days are shorter than in most of Europe. It gets dark earlier, but floodlit pistes mean you can often continue to enjoy the experience of skiing as dusk falls.

In Scandinavia cross-country-skiing is more prevalent than alpine skiing, but for those with determination the freeride skiing is pretty awesome.

One of the best ski resorts in Norway is Narvik, a rather bleak Norweigian port with a modest pisted ski hill: Fagernsfjellet. However, it is the Mőrkhåla snow bowl, half an hour ridge walk above the top lift station, and the extensive range of off-piste skiing that attracts anyone other than locals to the hill.

pop trivia: “They’re either out surfin’ or they got a party growin” is surprisingly not the Beach Boys, but Jan and Dean with their 1963 hit ‘Surf City’.

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