Men’s Ski T-Shirts with Movie Theme | May the Piste.

Movie themed ski T-shirt, may the piste

Hello from the Dark Side.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: Over 10 million views; Adele never looked so good.

Don’t use your pole as a light-sabre, but feel the force when out skiing; just stay clear of any wars.

This May the Piste men’s short sleeve ski T-shirt is ideal for casual evenings in a ski resort or any time at home.

May the Piste is available from Spreadshirt in a range of sizes, alternative styles and range of colours.

Check out another ski T-shirt in the skiing range. Most of the Ski T-shirts are inspired by a movie quote, often from Oscar winning movies.

Iconic ski T-shirts. As a gift these T-shirts can’t fail to please the ski bum you know. Or, if that’s you, can’t fail to find a top spot in your wardrobe!

Spreadshirt offers T-shirts in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. I’ve chosen just one variant I quite like, but feel free to do your own thing. Swap women’s for men’s, swap short sleeves for long sleeves or stick the design on a mug.

pop trivia: Roy Thompson, a studio engineer from New York gives us a ‘Star Wars’ parody of Adele’s 2015 hit ‘Hello

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