Time for New Ski Socks – Technical Ones.

Ski Socks Packaging

I Can’t Tell You, Who to Sock it to.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: siblings left the city of cars to do their own thing.

Have you ever seen anything like this? Normally, I do buy merino wool-based ski socks – good wicking, no smell. I also usually opt for a good brand which offers men’s and women’s fit (not just blue or pink!) and left and right socks; after all I don’t have two left feet! However, the pair of new ski socks Andrew has just bought are something else!

The packaging looks like a wiki-pedia entry and the list of ‘ingredients’ lists fibres I’ve never heard of; what on earth is ‘Robur’?

Ski Sock Packaging showing list of Ingredients

Not sure how they’ll perform inside a ski boot; our first ski trip to Austria is now only a few days away, so I’ll report back then.

pop trivia: the ‘Isley Brothers’ left ‘Motown’ records in 1968. This is a line from their first, post leaving, single; the 1969 chart topping ‘It’s Your Thing’. This song has since been covered by around 60 different artists.

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