Off Piste Day Skiing in Serre Chevalier.

Off Piste in Serre Chevalier, Janet and guide

In a Big Country Dreams Stay with You.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: I’m not sure Scotland counts, but these guys would disagree.

In Serre Chevalier preparing to go off-piste with a guide

Preparing for an off piste day, with no helmets, and make do gear. We did hire a guide from New Generation and therefore we were all wearing transceivers though!

Who can believe this was 2007 in Serre Chevalier?!

I recall that this was one of the first times we’d properly had an off-piste day and worn transceivers.

We were quite concerned, as we set out, as to whether our skiing would be up to the task.

We all survived a great day and only the most experienced in the group managed to fall over, but no damage done.

This looks like a more modern video of the route we took on our off piste day, still quite old, but the mountains don’t change.

So, as a reward, when you are all safely in the apres ski bar and the beer is flowing, you have to get the T-shirt…

Skiing ends T-shirt is inspired by a 1917 movie quote
pop trivia: “In a Big Country Dreams Stay with You” from ‘In a Big Country’ by Big Country off their 1983 debut studio album.

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