What’s the Perfect Snow Car?

not a perfect winter car

It’s Got to Be Perrrrfect.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: roundabouts with magnetism.

Come winter and the first signs of snow, the news on every channel in the UK is about snow car chaos; airports are closed, schools are closed, roads are closed – and who’s fault is this? “Not mine” seems to be the public response.

The average UK resident seems to think it is their right to drive a silly little car, without snow tyres, in all conditions, on all roads.

Move to Europe, and residents take responsibility; firstly they buy vehicles suitable for the conditions, secondly they fit snow tyres, thirdly they clear snow off the roads; and hence business carries on as usual.

Take Rupert at the Alpengasthof Streuböden in Fieberbrunn, he lives on the mountain, but he has a son who needs to go to school everyday, so he has the perfect snow car; one that does the job:

Mountain rescue vehicles; same story, they have vehicles suited to the job.

Now I’m not suggesting everyone in the UK goes out and buys the perfect snow car, but take some responsibility; get Winter tyres, clear the snow off your own drive and carry a shovel.

pop quiz: ‘It’s Got to Be Perfect‘ a 1988 hit from Fairground Attraction.
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