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On the Snow, ski fitness

Baby It’s Cold Outside.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: unless you’re 60+ you may need to Google this one.

On the Snow has teamed up with US Ski Team members to create a series of videos. Each shows us ‘mortals’ a thing or two about ski fitness: Don’t forget, it’s not supposed to be easy.

All ski resorts in Europe are now pretty much open. However, if you want to guarantee good January snow you’ll be better off booking a high level resort like Ischgl or Val Thorens. Sometimes skiing in January can be fabulous, sometimes it can be a bit patchy. Whichever it is, make sure you are fit enough to take advantage of empty ski slopes and don’t let Christmas pudding weigh you down.

Band Walks.

When you’re getting ready to hit the snow park and want to prepare your ski fitness for landing those jumps better, just tie your legs together with elastic and get those legs working with band walks; especially good for your gluts and hips.

Developing Your Core Strength.

Now, I’m not saying this exercise is enough on its own. But there are lots more core strengthening exercises you can do in a couple of minutes a day.

Look out for my Two Minute Tooth Brush Tone Up exercises. At least four minutes a day; you do brush your teeth at least twice a day don’t you? Done every day, at a time when you’re usually just staring at yourself in the mirror and trying to decide whether or not you are getting wrinkles, has got to be better than nothing.

pop trivia: “Baby it’s cold outside” is from a song by the same name originally from 1949, it is much older than my normal choice of track but as it has been covered by lots of people since, I’m guessing you know it!
Ski Pole

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