Women’s Ski T-shirt | Slogan adapted from a Wonder Woman quote.

Women's Ski T-shirt logo - What I Ski

What I Do is Not Up to You.

film quiz: the line above is from what movie? clue: 2017 and Gal’s actions are not going to be curtailed by any man.

Close fit, quality weight cotton and with colour-contrasting cuffs on sleeves and neck this ski T-shirt gives a sporty look that creates instant style when worn around any ski resort.

What I Ski - Women's Ski T-shirt

The slogan emblazoned across the front of this T-shirt takes its reference from the movies and the twisted quote just adds to the coolness of this ski T-shirt.

Available from Spreadshirt, click for price, sizes and colours.

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Iconic movies, iconic T-shirts. As a gift these T-shirts can’t fail to please the ski bum, movie geek you know. Or, if that’s you, can’t fail to find a top spot in your wardrobe!

Spreadshirt offers T-shirts in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. I’ve chosen the variant I like best, but feel free to do your own thing. Spreadshirt also allows you to put the design on all manner of clothing and household items, check it out.

film trivia: Gal Gadot brings DC Comic’s ‘Wonder Woman’ to the big screen in 2017 and no man, even the good-looking hero, Chris Pine, is going to stop her.

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