Time for Some Ski Testing Before I Buy New Skis.

Snozone Indoor Ski Slopes for the Fridge Kids

Skiing in the Snow.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: standing on pier with no coast.

Popped over to Snozone Castleford the other week to put a few new ski options through ski testing.

Ellis Brigham had organised for several ski reps to bring along lots of skis for us to put through their paces. After using hired skis for several years we bought Scott Neos about five seasons ago, they’ve been fantastic and does mean we have a soft spot for Scott.

The new season skis I was able to put through ski testing were:

Scott Layla (168cm, women’s ski) I felt I had really good control of the ski, not the ski in control of me. The indoor ski slope wasn’t really sufficient to put this set of skis through its paces, but it gave me a really good feeling that venturing into the back country would be great fun.

Scott Punisher (173cm) Longer than anything I’d skied before, but I still had good control and felt I’d get really used to in the right conditions. Not an everyday ski for the sort of skiing I do, but a good one for renting for a day of deep powder fun.

Ski Test Line Up

Scott The Ski (157cm) What’s not to like? My current ski is 156cm, so this was a direct comparison of length, I would probably go for a longer one to give me more of an alternative ski rather than a direct swap. Felt great on the indoor ski slope with fine control.

Salomon Lumen Q96 (162cm, women’s ski) Somehow felt this was a slower ski that would be better in harder conditions than the indoor slope. Perhaps not so good for an easy day of cruising reds.

Head MYA6 (156cm) Not really my thing, OK on piste, but nothing to really recommend it for me.

Rossignol Savory (178cm) Even longer than anything I’d skied before, didn’t really feel like my skis on my legs. Felt too long to be able to put in tight turns on (say) a mogul field. My technique would have to change to ski these well. Ski Rep did suggest I try Rossignol Temptation, but he didn’t have any.

When we went into the Ellis Brigham shop later, for me the staff also recommended:

The upshot is; despite this ski testing, I’ve still not bought a new pair of skis, questions I’m asking myself:

  • I’ve skied for between 30 and 40 weeks on my Scott Neos, can I really justify a new pair of skis or will they do another season?
  • Should I buy a pair of women’s skis?
  • Should I buy a pair of skis to replace my Scott Neos or a pair with different characteristics for different types of snow days?

Anyone got any answers?! Please Tweet me @SkiChaletGirl or post on our Facebook page. Thanks.

pop trivia: for anyone trying to get it, my headline is the title of the Wigans Ovation ditty from 1975.

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