Move, Move, We Got the Gift of Life.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: final strawberries on your toast before fashion became political.

The ski season is almost upon us, and, sorry, to say it, but that means so is Christmas!

If you have a skier in your life that you want to buy a special present for. One that shows more thought than the usual ski socks or hand warmers; you should check out the new range of skiing homewares and gifts from Sophie Allport.

From a mug to a weekend bag, priced from £8 to £54, the skiing range is a celebration of winter sport that is bound to appeal to any skier in your life.

Skiing homewares from Sophie Allport

Sophie Allport has created a fun skiing design to celebrate Alpine living. Skiers and boarders dot the mountain in colourful outfits, whilst helmet-clad children snake their way through the snow-capped fir trees during ski-school.

For those of you with a flair for craft and design who can’t find that perfect something; Sophie Allport even includes fabric by the metre in the skiing range.

pop trivia: the line is from ‘The Gift’; the title track from the northern soul inspired, final studio album by ‘The Jam’ first released in 1982. Paul Weller went on the form ‘The Style Council’.