Sports Bra for Skiing.

Shock Absorber Active Zipped Plunge Bra

I’ve Never Made a Boob.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: a bit of a do-dah with this astronaut from downtown.

I own a couple of Shock Absorber Bras which I use in the gym. When out hiking or biking I usually wear one of my normal, everyday bras. Skiing is a different matter; I don’t wear a bra at all!

The reasons for this, as well as my reasons for considering a change of tactic on the Sports bra front can be read here in one of my previous Blog articles.

As my ski season is over for this year, I was not in any rush, but keeping my eye out, I noticed the biking discount website ‘wiggle’ had Shock Absorber on sale, so I bought one.

Here are my First Impressions of the Active Zipped Plunge Bra

On the plus side this is an excellent bra for keeping your boobs in place whatever you are doing. Being front fastening it is also great for gym classes where you end up on your back – as there is no fastening to dig in!

On the negative; fastening it up is a bit of a faff as you need to do up two quite small hooks and eyes and adjust a fabric flap before doing up the zip – however this is easier than some rear fastening sports bras I’ve had, and you can do it alone!

  • Pros: Attractive, Comfortable, Good Fit, Great Value, High Quality
  • Cons: Unadjustable

I’ve not worn it for skiing yet, I’ll update you when I do!

pop trivia: the ‘Bonzo Dog Do-dah Band’ had a hit in 1968 with ‘I’m the Urban Spaceman’, written by Neil Innes and produced by Paul McCartney.

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