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I’m Sure That We’re Made to Fit.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: maybe Beckham should be the sixth member.

The ski season approaches. Get yourself ski fit. This is now something you need to take more seriously. Take my recommended two minute tooth brush tone up to a whole new level. As I am not an expert in such things, I’ve dug around in an attempt to find someone who is. I’ve found BeFit. Befit have a section on getting Ski Fit. The series of videos are available to buy on download from VIMEO.

Neil Maclean-Martin fronts Ski Fit. The team at La Clinique du Sport in Chamonix have developed the videos. Taking care of our bodies BEFORE we have an injury is the whole point of this programme of physio exercises.

Every physio says there is nothing better then being, firstly fit. Secondly being strong. To prevent yourself getting injured. Everyone can benefit from having flexibility, balance, strength and finally, endurance.

It’s simple: If you want to ski for many years to come you need to stay strong and take care of your body all year round.

Each routine includes warm-up, core work, circuits and a stretch-down exercises. Altogether there are over 100 different ways to test your body which build up as you go through the programme. There must be something to suit everyone who is serious about skiing.

pop trivia: Way back in 1967, Davy Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick and Tich told us to ‘Bend It, Bend It’. The lyric includes this line. “I’m sure that we’re made to fit”.
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