Women’s and Men’s Ski T-shirts | Have Powder Trust Skis.

Oscars 2019 Ski T-shirt; Trusted Skis and Have Powder

Remember, love is what brought you here. And if you’ve trusted love this far, don’t panic now. Trust it all the way

When you have power, people will always try to take it from you, always.

film quiz: the lines above are said by who in which 2019 Oscar nominated movies? clue1: love is not easy to keep on the streets of Harlem. clue2: it takes a lot of burgers for Batman to turn into Dick.

This chillaxed women’s T-shirt is a perfect companion for when you want to hang out in the bar, go down to the cafes or whenever you don’t feel like dressing up. A comfy cut with a wide neck, rolled seams and slightly longer at the back, this T-shirt is 60% cotton, 40% polyester and weighs in at 145g/m². This ski T-shirt helps you look good when relaxing around any ski resort.

This men’s T-shirt cuts a slender silhouette, and the form-fitting shape gives you the touchy-feely look that goes with comfort wear and room to move. Close fit with short sleeves made in flexible and finely woven 160g/m², 100% cotton. This ski T-shirt gives a sporty look that creates instant style when worn around any ski resort.

The slogans, ‘And if you’ve trusted skis this far, don’t panic now. Trust them all the way.’ and ‘When you have powder, people will always try to take it from you, always.’ take their references from quotes from movies and the twist just adds to the coolness of these ski T-shirts.

Oscars 2019 Ski T-shirt quote; Trusted Skis
Oscars 2019 Ski T-shirt quote; Have Powder

Available from Spreadshirt, click Women’s or Men’s for price, sizes, alternative styles and range of colours.

Check out another ski T-shirt in the Oscar 2019 nominations range.

The latest range of ski T-shirts takes their movie inspiration from the 2019 Oscar nominations. But can you name the movies? And who said each line?

Iconic movies, iconic ski T-shirts. As a gift these T-shirts can’t fail to please the ski bum, movie geek you know. Or, if that’s you, can’t fail to find a top spot in your wardrobe!

Spreadshirt offers T-shirts in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. I’ve chosen just one variant I quite like, but feel free to do your own thing. Swap women’s for men’s, swap short sleeves for long sleeves or stick the design on a mug.

film trivia1: Nominated for three 2019 Oscars including ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’, is ‘If Beale Street Could Talk’. It is Mum, Sharon, not the street who says this line.
film trivia2: Nominated for eight 2019 Oscars including ‘Best Motion Picture’, is ‘Vice’. Dick’s wife Lynne gets to tell him about power.

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