My New Mountain Bike: Part 2.

A new Mountain Bike for Janet, a Scott.

Get on Your Bikes and Ride.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: pop royalty turned the other cheek for this bicycle race.

As I:

  • Love the mountains;
  • Enjoy being active;
  • Am happy in the great outdoors;
  • Am keen to explore new places;

…I thought it was about time I owned a proper mountain bike. A bike that could take me to the sort of places I love to go and to be able to travel further and faster than simply hiking: biking is my new thing.

My new bike is a Scott Scale 750. I opted for a small men’s frame and had the handlebars narrowed by 4cm (2cm each side). This set up seemed to give me the most comfortable ride of all the bikes I tried; and I did try quite a few!

This bike is a mountain bike with front air suspension, hydraulic disc brakes, 2 x 10 gears and flat pedals. As I am not yet a regular in the saddle, the recommendation seemed to be that drop handlebars and clip in pedals should be upgrades that I consider once I am comfortable in the saddle.

I bought my new mountain bike from Chesterfield Cycle Centre. The guy in there was very knowledgeable and showed a thorough understanding of bike technology and for my needs. He spent over an hour with me, trying different frames, different set ups; I must have gone around their car park a hundred times!

I haven’t ventured too far on my new bike yet, Sherwood Pines and National Cycle Routes numbered 6 and 648 are my local spots. These, together with Clumber Park and Bridleways, should keep me entertained for a while; I might even venture to some of the trails in the Peak District.

I guess the next thing will be to get a bike rack for the car!

How did I start my search for a new bike? Find out in Part 1.
pop trivia: ‘Queen’ released a double A side in 1978, ‘Bicycle Race’ and ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’; the lyric is from ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’ as a reference to ‘Bicycle Race’.

Note: Chesterfield Cycle Centre is now closed. A real shame!

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