Ski Workout – Only One Month to Get in Top Shape.

Ski Workout routine from Nuffield Health

Workout. Here’s a Dance you Should Know.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: this rotund draughts player teaches us all his moves.

These guys make this ski workout look easy, but then they are professional personal trainers. Brought to you by Nuffield Health, they recommend you do this nine-exercise ski workout twice a week for at least a month leading up to your ski trip.

Whether you are heading for the charming resorts of the Austrian Tirol, the gnarly off piste of the French Alps or anywhere where snow is falling, getting a bit better prepared, by doing this ski workout, can do no harm. What are you waiting for? Give me ten!

The ski workout includes;

  1. Squats.
  2. Kick sits.
  3. Hindu push-ups.
  4. Burpees.
  5. Jumping alternating lunges.
  6. Overhead squats with pulse.
  7. Push-ups, roll and jump.
  8. Bear crawls and run back.
  9. Hill sprint shuttle runs.

In the video you can see the guys doing the exercises with the right technique, they also explain how many of each you should be aiming for. Good luck.

pop trivia: the lyric is from ‘Chubby Checker’s’ version of ‘The Hucklebuck’ from the 60s. ‘Chubby’ also taught everyone the twist, the fly, the limbo and the mess around!

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