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UK Government advice for Skiing Holiday

January Sick and Tired You’ve Been Hanging on Me.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: as skiing in the Cairngorms in never reliable, these chaps should take a plane.

So, January 31st is the new deadline, but it’s flexible, and probably still extendable; so right in the middle of the ski season then! Who knows what effect, if any, whatever Brexit option is decided, will impact any plans you have for a skiing holiday: But ‘fear not’, the Government website has skiing holiday advice for you!

There are a couple of checklists to download;

It also recommends, as do I, still ensuring you have a valid EHIC card and appropriate mountain, winter sport medical insurance.

Your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) needs renewing every 5 years, so check it is still valid. If not, apply for a new one, it’s free. If you come across a website that charges a fee for an EHIC card, avoid it: Go directly to the Government’s own website.

I am a member of the Austrian Alpine Association to cover any mountain rescue I might need and have medical insurance cover through my Nationalwide Flexplus bank account. This works for me, work out what works for you and ensure you’ve got adequate cover for your skiing holiday.

Graham Bell has similar advice and also adds, as do I, that ensuring you are fit enough to hit the slopes will ensure a more enjoyable skiing holiday with less risk. Try any number of the exercises I’ve come across here.

pop trivia: The lyric is from ‘January’, the 1975 chart hit for Scottish pop band ‘Pilot’.

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