Snow Art, Simon Beck Style

Janet's attempt at snow art, not a patch on Simon Beck

Drawing Crazy Patterns with His Shoes

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: perhaps Chrissie would like to be someone else

I thought I’d give this snow art thing a go!

Not a patch on what Simon Beck can do, but not bad, for a first attempt! I’ll give it a go again sometime.

Simon Beck.

According to My Modern Met, Outdoor enthusiast and cartographer Simon Beck carved his own path in the art world. He is a snow artist who walks football-sized fields and creates striking geometric designs in untouched powder. The finished design is best appreciated from far above with light and shadows highlighting all the moves he’s made.

Beck’s snow art is an exercise of the body and mind. It begins with careful planning; he will map out a design on paper using one millimeter as the scale for one step on the ground. Once the design is finished, Beck grabs his snowshoes, a ski pole, and other tools to get to the task of walking his design. A day’s work can be 12 hours of trudging through the snow, but the result of his effort is awe-inspiring. Beck travels the world creating his land art mountainsides, snow covered sports fields and, fairly recently, beaches.

My effort was a bit more primitive, no planning, just a short break in skiing whilst having a cup of coffee.

pop trivia: “He’s drawing crazy patterns with his shoes” from ‘Drawing Crazy Patterns’ by Texas from the 1997 studio album ‘White on Blonde’.

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