Avalanche Warnings and Still People Die.

Top of a Black, heeding the Avalanche Warnings

Give Me All Your Prayers to Sing.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: The all-American comfort food that might be your food heaven or hell.

When snow starts to fall in the Alps or the Rockies, we all start to get excited about what a great season we can expect. However snow conditions are often changeable, avalanche warnings are common and the mountains always need our respect.

Our thoughts always go out to the family and friends of anyone caught up in an avalanche or other mountain tragedy.

It is now 10 years since this happened in Verbier, Switzerland, watch it an think about all the times you’ve ‘risked it’, then tell yourself never to do it again. By the way, unless you want your ski pass rescinded, I wouldn’t let your Mum watch this!

If you are heading out, have fun, but heed all ski resort signs and avalanche warnings and advice and please stay safe.

When the pistes are pretty much deserted, the off-piste probably hasn’t been skied on for weeks. Unless your know your route or have an experienced guide with you, do not ski anywhere you are unsure of. As the guy in the video says, having all the gear, and the sense to use it correctly, doesn’t stop this sort of thing happening, but it might save your life; or that of your mate.

pop trivia: “Give me all your prayers to sing” from Heaven can Wait, on the Bat out of Hell album by Meat Loaf
Ski Pole

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