Black Ski Runs for Black Friday.

A black run for black friday

I Can’t Choose, It’s Too Much to Lose.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: black or blue it came from a fine period.

The reason why Black Friday is black is not universally agreed, but if, like me, you hate shopping at the best of times, the fourth Friday in November is definitely one to avoid. Instead, turn your attention to the coming ski season and consider the black runs you might do on the last day of your holiday, normally a Friday!

When you get pretty good at skiing, the colour of the ski run on the piste map loses some of its significance. You know what sort of runs you enjoy, you know that ski conditions can significantly change your experience of the run and you probably want to avoid the hordes of skiers, many of whom probably shouldn’t be there, standing at the top trying to summon up the courage to launch themselves down the black piste.

Five (In)Famous Black Ski Runs in the Alps

None the less, there are some black ski runs marked on the piste maps of the major European ski resort destinations that need to be ticked off before you head home:

Swiss Wall, Avoriaz

OK, this pair of skiers venture off the side, but you get the idea!

La Face, Val D’Isere

I’m not really a fan of GoPro headcam video as you don’t get to see the mountains, but you get the idea!

Grand Couloir, Courchevel

The start is enough to put most people off, especially when it is well skied you get the idea!

Kandahar, Garmisch Partenkirchen

Race prepared for the FIS Mens’ downhill in the fog, but you get the idea!

The FIS don’t let you embed their videos, so you have to go watch it on YouTube.

Harakiri, Mayrhofen

OK, so this is a promotional video and doesn’t include skiers, but you get the idea!

Bonus Double Black Diamond Ski Run

For those considering skiing in America, this might be one to steer clear of for most of us!

Corbets Couloir, Jackson Hole

One hell of a start if you’ve got the nerve, showing the pros do it to give you an idea!

pop trivia: “I can’t choose, it’s too much to lose” is a line from ‘Black is Black’ covered in 1997 by Belle Epoque.

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