Kymira Infrared Sports Socks: A Review.

Kymira Infrared Sports Socks

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As a Hand in a Glove, Yes it Does.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: a lovely sound from the legend that shines brightest.

We went to the Ski Show at Battersea last year and came across Kymira. The chap on the stand encouraged me to put my hand under his microscope with and without a square of Kymira fabric draped over it. Without doubt, with Kymira draped over my hand it appeared that my blood was circulating around my fingers much faster. Thus, I was told, keeping my hands warmer.

Some of you will have read that I bought a pair of Kymira gloves and wasn’t very happy with them.

As I said at the time: If the Kymira team are serious about these gloves being suitable for the ski market, they need to do more to convince me of the ‘cold’ science and design them to be more robust.

NOTE on Kymira Customer Service

Whilst I can fault the gloves, I cannot fault the Kymira customer service.

I contacted the Kymira team about my gloves and the MD called me back. He immediately offered me my money back and asked me to return the gloves. They wanted to consult with their manufacturers about my issues. Kymira are a young company and the gloves are a new product that they genuinely seem to want to get right. If they improve the gloves, you never know, they might be good for skiing! Watch this space!

In addition to my money back on the gloves, they offered me a pair of their Kymira sports socks to try. The Kymira technology is primarily about being able to exercise harder and recover quicker by recycling your body’s energy.

Kymira Science of Infrared Technology

I’ve had the socks for a few weeks now and have worn them whilst out hiking and biking. They are great little socks, they fit ‘like a glove’ – never before have I had a pair of socks where your heel actually drops into place and they stay put so well.

They wash well, dry quickly and, so far, don’t smell; come on, everyone’s sports socks develop their own special kind of aroma!

What I’m not sure of is the science bit. If I was dressed head to toe in Kymira then the science may be valid, but with just the socks, I’m not convinced I’m going to be able to “push harder and recover quicker”.

These socks are at the premium end of the market. If you suffer from foot pain the Kymira technology in these socks may give you some relief and be well worth the investment.

They seem pretty hard wearing too, so probably have a good value £ per wear!

pop trivia: Neil Diamond was making ‘Beautiful Noise’ in 1976; one of three singles from an album by the same name.

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  1. Janet Smith says:

    Update: I’ve just heard that the Kymira team have released a new water repellent, fleece glove. They have longer cuffs and extra insulating power to help get your hands nice and toasty as well as improving the circulation.
    They have also launched matching mid-layers with snow stop sleeves which are receiving incredibly positive reviews.
    I’ll have to keep my eye out for these.

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