New Ski Lifts, New Ski Runs, Means New Piste Maps.

New Ski Lifts Crossing the Mountains

So I Can Stand on Mountains.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: a hit for Josh, but originally from a private green space.

In every ski resort in the northern hemisphere, staff can be observed doing their best snow dance. They have already prepared all their lifts and runs for the forthcoming season.

For many ski resorts, 168 in total; according to; there has also been a frenzy of new activity: Tightening the final screws and wiping down the seats of new ski lifts.

New ski lifts and new ski runs means one thing for us at Piste-Maps; new piste maps. Increasingly and frustratingly, ski resorts seem to be making their ski maps exclusively interactive or available only on an app. Knowing how much you all like to look at the whole ski resort, we are doing our best to track down jpg and pdf files of new piste maps for you.

The latest Piste Maps we’ve added or updated are:

If you do come across large format jpg or pdf files that are more recent than those featured on Piste-Maps, please do send us a copy via email. Thanks.

pop trivia: Irish-Norwegian duo ‘Secret Garden’ had a minor hit with ‘Raise Me Up’ in 2002, since then it has become a bit of a charity anthem and has been recorded over 100 times, perhaps most famously by Josh Grogan.

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