The Perfect Lunge for Balance, Posture and your Butt.

Outside Magazine Article with loads of great exercise advice

Just Dive Right in and Follow My Lead.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: even though the duets are with Beyonce and Andrea Bocelli, the song is for Cherry.

A couple of times a week we do a ‘Total Body Workout’ exercise class. It usually hurts whilst we’re doing it, but the next day, after our attempts at the perfect lunge, we usually have what we affectionately term ‘lunge butt’.

I’ve just read an article by Erica Suter on how to perfect the perfect lunge. Not only does she explain how to perfect a lunge, but also explores several variations of lunge to really put your body to work.

Whilst Erica talks about the benefits for runners and climbers, for us skiers, her words ring true. A good lunge can “improve your lower-body strength, stability, and endurance performance”; what skier wouldn’t want that?

Read the full article on Outside Magazine’s website here.

pop trivia: ‘Ed Sheeran’ filmed the video for his 2017 single ‘Perfect’ at the Hintertux Glacier at the head of the Zillertal Valley in Austria. The song is written about his girlfriend Cherry Seaborn, although it is not her in the video.

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