A Trail Map or Piste Map is Still the Best Resource for Ski Trip Planning.

Original Piste Maps Art by James Niehues

We Drew a Map to a Better Place.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: a handful of beetroot may have led to this band’s name, but at least they can find their route to Rome.

As you may know, we are quite geeky about Piste Maps and Trail Maps and are continually looking for new ones and updated ones to add to our website. In the past twelve months we have been through every single one to make sure they are up to date. We admit, we might have missed a few, and resorts are adding new lifts and runs all the time. So, if you do find a resort we have missed or a map we have not updated, please do get in touch.

Another thing to add is that we like to look at an overview of the whole ski resort at once; interactive maps haven’t really hit the mark in our world! We find that a JPG or PDF file or, dare I say, a paper or poster version really is the best way to get the lie of the land and plot your daily ski adventure.

What I didn’t know, until very recently, is that we have James Niehues to thank for the artwork for the majority of American Ski Trail Maps. James Niehues has been hand painting piste maps since 1987. Now, hoping to retire soon, he is turning his life’s work into a book. Definitely one for the Christmas list.

pop trivia: The lyric is from the 2014 hit by ‘Maroon 5’, ‘Maps’ is from their fifth studio album ‘V’ – Roman numeral for five!

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