Ski Weather and Ski Crowds

Fresh powder on virgin slopes in Kaltenbach

Always Take the Weather With you.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: there isn’t much room in this dwelling.

So, ordinarily at this moment of your ski season you’ll have survived the ski crowds over British and German half term week and the ski weather will be turning in your favour…

Half Term Ski Crowd

But with no travel allowed and restaurants not open, it wouldn’t have looked like this. You’ll have said “bye bye” to the Dutch skiers and their weird food…

With Dutch skiers comes Dutch food - weird

But as they weren’t allowed out either, your cupboards will be bare. This week, ski weather forecasts show that the snow has still been falling across the Alps

So, if you’re lucky enough to be one of the few skiers with access to the Alpine slopes, you should be having one hell of a time.

The rest of us can only dream. This week, a year ago, is the week when many European ski resorts closed for the first COVID-lockdown, and sent their guests home. No one would have predicted that a whole year would go by without needing to wax your skis. I’m sure, that at some point, we’ve all dreamed of living in a ski resort, but as it was the only way to get a ski fix this year, it certainly featured in our dreams more often.

pop trivia: “always take the weather with you” is, of course, from the 1992 hit ‘Weather with You’ by Aussie band Crowded House.
Ski Pole

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