Skiing Squirrels.

Cyril the Skiing Squirrel

Be Like the Squirrel Girl.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: striped elephants and oak trees.

Sometimes skiing squirrels can help you see that you need to make your ski world just that bit bigger…

Cyril, one of the skiing Squirrels from Echoic: Music and Sound Design on Vimeo.

Twiggy the Skiing Squirrel.

Just wasting time on the Internet, as you do, and I’ve just come across Twiggy. Like Cyril, Twiggy is a skiing squirrel. Unlike Cyril, Twiggy does her skiing on water, but hey, worth a look.

It appears that since 1979 there has actually been a series of trained skiing squirrels called Twiggy. Each Twiggy lives with the Best family in Florida and besides shows and YouTube videos, they have also had a movie career. In 2019/20 there is a plan for a couple of squirrels to tour with Chuck jnr., the son of the original trainers Chuck and Lou Ann Best.

pop trivia: Lyric is from ‘Little Acorns‘ on the 2003 White Stripes Album, ‘Elephants’.

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