Avoiding a Winter Sports Injury.

Winter Sports Injury specialists at BMI Healthcare

I don’t want to be crippled cracked. Shoulders, wrists, knees and back.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: Listen to the radio underwater to avoid head injury.

Winter sports injury experts at BMI Healthcare are urging people not to be put off winter sports. But to be a little more measured in their approach to skiing. Jules Ferreira, Physiotherapy Manager at BMI The Princess Margaret Hospital offers her advice. “Build up fitness levels over an appropriate period of time rather than rushing into anything.”

She adds: “Reasonable fitness levels are vital for any intensive activity. Being at a good fitness level before you begin any winter sport is important. I would recommend working on fitness for anyone about to take up something like skiing or snowboarding.” BMI Healthcare has made a series of orthopaedic videos featuring advice from orthopaedic surgeons. They explain the vulnerability of each part of the skeletal system during winter sports, giving us some insight to how we can remain active on the ski slopes. Here’s one of them…

Go to BMI Healthcare for links to the rest of the videos to help you avoid a Winter sports injury. Check out my ‘Two Minute Tooth Brush Tone Ups’ for a good introduction to getting your body in ski fit shape.

pop trivia: lyric was from Radiohead; Bones, a track on the 1995 album The Bends.
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