Avalanche Safety.

Hans from Widmanns, excellent guide and avalanche safety expert

You and I’ll be Safe and Sound.

pop quiz; the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: in a bit of a rush to get to District 12.

I’ve been on several off-piste ski days with guides who have gotten me to wear a transceiver and have showed me the principles of how it works and avalanche safety techniques. I’ve even played around in the snow trying to find a hidden transceiver with probes and shovels. But when I saw this video, it put into sharp focus how easy it is to get caught and how long it takes to get found, even if, as this guy evidently does, you know exactly what to do and how all your equipment works: I can’t image being the guy under the snow!

Please don’t let my mum see this! She’ll either ground me forever or worry herself silly every time I go near snow.

Avalanche Safety.

Santa brought me a ski mountaineering rucksack, shovel, probe and transceiver for Christmas, so I have my new year resolution. Spend as much time as necessary during this ski season practising avalanche safety rescue, so if I need to, using my avalanche safety kit will be second nature.

pop trivia: “You and I’ll safe and sound” is from the Hunger Games; Safe & Sound by Taylor Swift.
Ski Pole

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