Ski Sun Protection – A Review of P-20 Sun Tan Lotion.

P20 Sun Tan Lotion with SPF15

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: girl, it’s tempting!

I have been sent some P-20 sun tan lotion to try out.

Now, to be honest, when I’m skiing there isn’t much flesh on show. I get cold easily so you’ll mostly see me looking like Darth Vader’s ugly sister rather than worrying about sun tan lotion and sunburn!

However, even I am tempted to uncover a bit when the sun is shining and the deck-chairs outside the mountain restaurants are beckoning. And, of course, in this instance, I will not have any sun screen with me and thus can put my english rose complexion at serious risk.

So, the idea of P-20 being a once a day application sun screen seemed perfect. I could use it as a moisturiser in the morning. I’d then be safe in the sun at lunchtime, and still be safe at apres ski!

Sorry guys, it doesn’t work for me. I don’t doubt its sun screen credentials or its once a day application usp, but:

  • It comes in a spray. When the only bit of your body you need to screen is your face, spraying it is not pleasant. I accept, if you were on a sun holiday and needed all-over-body protection a spray would work well.
  • It smells horrid. Again, when the only bit of your body needing protection includes your nose, a smell like a chemical factory is not the one you’d choose. Again, I accept, if you were spraying your whole body, outdoors, the smell would soon dissipate.
  • It comes in too big a bottle. 100ml or 200ml is far too much when, as you’ll recall, I’m only putting it on my face. I’m not sure of the shelf life, but a bottle this size would last me several years. By which time I wouldn’t be expecting it to protect me from the sun.

So makers of P-20, either accept you have designed your product for all-over-body sun-seekers. Or re-develop it for us winter sports fans, but don’t try to sell it to us as it is.

pop trivia: “Sunshine on a cloudy day” is from the opening line of ‘My Girl‘ from ‘The Temptations’ a hit in 1965.

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