Ski Mojo Knee Support System Review.

After Injury you should consider a Ski Mojo

Let’s Get it On, I Ain’t Gonna Worry.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: when Austin lost his mojo to Marvin.

I have now been using a Ski Mojo for five years and am on my second one. Back in 2014, after having used it for just over a week, I shared my initial thoughts…

The Skiing Injury Background.

Three seasons ago I damaged my lateral collateral ligament (LCL) when doing ‘something stupid’. I landed a jump badly at the end of the day when I was too tired to attempt it in the first place!

No surgery was required, just lots of physio and I thought I was back in one piece.

“I was”: Two seasons ago I skied without incident. However, last season, a wayward, side impact from a German snowboarder put me out of action for a few days. I was ‘not myself’ for the rest of the trip.

Over the summer I’ve been building up strength. I now believe my leg is as good as it is going to get, but it isn’t 100% and I’m a bit more nervous on the slopes than I used to be. Hence the reason for investigating and then getting a Ski Mojo.

The Mojo is Fabulous.

Skiing top to bottom, without stopping on your first day of the season, without thigh burn has got to be good.

The Ski-Mojo is allowing me to ski on piste all day without tiring. I don’t believe it has hampered my style and, as the sales blurb says, may even have improved my stance. A great piece of ski gear for those getting a little bit ache’y and not as fit as they were when they were younger.

The Mojo is Cumbersome.

There is no getting away from it, putting the Ski Mojo on is extra faff in the morning that I could do without. It is quite bulky, I have had to buy new ski pants as they wouldn’t fit under my existing ones – you definitely need baggy bum, boarder style ski pants.

As a woman, it is a complete hassle to go to the loo. I stopped wearing salopettes as I didn’t like getting undressed in the loo. Now it feels like I do again. You definitely need to give yourself extra undressing time when going for a wee or (I’m even contemplating) buy a Shewee.

Turning the Ski-Mojo on and off and engaging/un-engaging the springs every time you get on and off a lift gets easier, but is a bit of a pain. If you forget, sitting on a lift with the Ski-Mojo engaged is not easy or fun. You definitely need to get used to a new routine.

Ski-Mojo Yes or No?

If I could support my knee and give it the physical and psychological protection it needs without using a Ski-Mojo I would; but I can’t.

If I had to give up skiing or use a Ski-Mojo, I’d use a Ski-Mojo every time.

As the snow is not so great, I haven’t taken the Ski-Mojo off piste yet. Grass skiing is not my thing, so I will report on that later in the season.

pop trivia: “Let’s get it on, I ain’t gonna worry” by Marvin Gaye from the original ‘The Spy Who Shagged Me’ soundtrack where Austin Powers lost his Mojo (1999).

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