Halloween Hits for Spooky Ski Slopes.

Halloween Masks make for Spooky Ski Slopes

Sweets for my Sweet.

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: Hunting around Liverpool for the right sound.

All being well, I’ll be hitting ski slopes for the first time in three seasons in less than a month. Before then, we have to contend with small strangers at the door!

It is that time of year when parents across the land encourage their children to do something they have been telling them all year not to do – take sweets from strangers!

Halloween seems to get bigger and bigger every year; filling the supermarket aisles between BBQs and Christmas with all things orange and black; no, not the Netflix series!

For skiers, October is the time of year when we are glued to images on social media of the first snow falls of the season, then crossing everything we have that the forthcoming ski season will be a good one.

It is also the time of year when we start to check out our gear stores. Generally, being a bit of an off-beat crowd, Halloween actually gives us a chance to update our ski wardrobe with a few scary items. Check out these bad boy ski masks; available from Etsy.

Halloween Masks make for Spooky Ski Slopes
Halloween Masks make for Spooky Ski Slopes
Halloween Masks make for Spooky Ski Slopes
Halloween Masks make for Spooky Ski Slopes

For inspiration and a fuller range of unique and exclusive Halloween tricks and treats for the whole family; those about to hit the ski slopes or not, I do recommend you check out Etsy.

pop trivia: ‘Sweets for my Sweet‘ was originally recorded by The Drifters, but charted in 1963 as the debut single of Merseybeat band ‘The Searchers’.
Ski Pole

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