Ticket to Ride | Warren Miller Film.

Ticket to Ride, Warren Miller Ski Film 2013.

Found time to pop over to Leeds this week to watch the latest installment of the Warren Miller Ski Films: Ticket to Ride.

Ten of the best ski scenes laid out in all their glory as we sit in the comfort of the Vue Cinema and Ticket to Ride comes on the screen.

A Couple of the Best Ski Destinations for the Bucket List.

Of course every ski scene in the film was awesome and spectacular, but for adding to our own bucket list we need to be realistic about our ability and our budget, so the two we’ve chosen are:

  1. Alesund, Norway
    Having learnt that the term Viking means to ‘commit to the unknown and embrace the Nordic lifestyle’, the heady mix of un-skied powder, steep ice fields and ridges and the sense of skiing directly into the sea means that we now want to ‘go Viking’!
  2. Iceland’s Troll Peninsula
    Living the dream with amazing skies, the northern lights and ski tracks where few have been before. We’d certainly be up for seizing this particular opportunity – maybe not in a pink swimsuit through!

A Couple of Ski Destinations that will remain in Dreams.

  1. Switzerland
    Why would anywhere in Switzerland have to remain a dream? Because the skiers used telemark skis, ice axes and crampons and a lot hard work to climb the Eiger, before getting the chance to enjoy the freedom and scale of such an boundless descent: that’s why!
  2. Kazakhstan
    I don’t think I’d even be able to point it out on the map, let alone ski there, but wow! Add speed skiing with a canopy to traveling to the ends of the earth for a ski trip and you have one crazy ski adventure.

Choose Your Own Favourite Ski Scene from Ticket to Ride.

The Warren Miller Ski Film is still touring the UK and we’d certainly recommend giving it a look, it is heading to the following:

  • December:
    • 4th: Sheffield and Perth
    • 5th: Aberdeen, Reading and Manchester
    • 9th: Bristol and Edinburgh
    • 10th; Stirling and Glasgow
    • 12th: Aviemore
    • 14th: Matlock Bath
    • 17th: Inverness
  • January 9th: Poole

For tickets and information visit the Warren Miller website.

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