Best Smith Ski Goggles for Smithy are Vice.

Janet in new ski goggles, Smith Vice

What difference does it make?

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: only an honoury ‘Smith’ from 1982-87, but always a ‘Manc’.

I first bought a pair of ski goggles about seven ski seasons ago, they were a bottom of the range pair of Bolle ones and I have to confess I never liked them; they regularly steamed up and were no help in flat light, and I mostly continued to wear sunglasses.

About four ski seasons ago I became a ski helmet wearer – a Red Pure, and started to wear my ski goggles more and more. I got used to them on my face, but they still steamed up a lot and were still no help in flat light.

Then, pre-this season I was lucky enough to be given a £50 voucher for Snow + Rock and thought it time to invest in a good pair of ski goggles. A fair bit of Internet research pointed us towards Smith as a brand, but it is very difficult to discover the ‘real’ reasons for the range of prices online, so off we went to Snow + Rock in Didsbury (note: There are often bargains to be had at the end of season at Snow + Rock).

Light is always flat in South Manchester, but without snow it is still very difficult to judge how any goggles are going to perform when you get to a ski resort. Anyway, after trying on several pairs from Smith, as well as others from Bolle, Oakley and Sinner, I opted for Smith Vice. The £50 voucher I had was woefully short (!), but they say you get what you pay for.

Having now skied in Austria with my new Smith ski goggles for a couple of months, I can provide;

10 comments to help determine whether Smith Vice are the best Smith ski goggles:

  1. They are comfortable to wear.
  2. The ‘sticky’ on the back of the head strap is brilliant, the ski goggles never move out of position.
  3. They never get steamed up.
  4. Even when I face-planted they cleared remarkably quickly.
  5. The colour matches my helmet!
  6. They come with a lifetime warranty; not covered if your dog chews them!
  7. They provide excellent visibility in most conditions.
  8. Flat light is still a bit of a problem – the Smith Vice has the option of 12 different replacement lenses I will have to investigate.
  9. When windy, they make me cry! The anti-steam-up ventilation is so effective I get a cold draft of air across my left eye.
  10. They seem to scuff and scratch quite easily. I am careful with mine, but already have four or five scuff marks on the lense.

When I bought my Smith Vice Ski Google, Andrew opted for Smith I/O Ski Goggles; I’ll get him to review them soon.

Best ski googles, Smith Vice
pop trivia: “What Difference Does it Make?” was The Smiths first significant chart success, getting to No. 12 in 1984.

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