Men’s Ski T-Shirts with TV Theme | King of the Hill

TV Themed ski T-shirt, King of the Hill

Top of the List, King of the Hill

pop quiz: the lyric above is from what song and artist? clue: rat pack crooner first lands in America

TV Themed ski T-shirt, King of the Hill

You may not be from Arlen, Texas, you may not sell propane but in a ski resort you can still be ‘king of the hill’. Claim the title ‘King of the Hill’ for whatever skiing great you perform – it’s your mountain now.

This men’s short sleeve ski T-shirt is ideal for casual evenings in a ski resort or any time at home.

King of the Hill is available from Spreadshirt in a range of sizes, alternative styles and range of colours.

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Iconic ski T-shirts. As a gift these T-shirts can’t fail to please the ski bum you know. Or, if that’s you, can’t fail to find a top spot in your wardrobe!

Spreadshirt offers T-shirts in a variety of styles, colours and sizes. I’ve chosen just one variant I quite like, but feel free to do your own thing. Swap women’s for men’s, swap short sleeves for long sleeves or stick the design on a mug.

pop trivia: The one, the only Frank Sinatra with one of the classics; New York, New York (so good they named it twice!), but did you know it was written for Liza Minnelli as the theme to the 1977 Scorsese film by the same name

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