Top 10 Veggie Meals from the Austrian Mountains.

Kasespatzle is a cheese feast whenever in Austria

Hungry Like the Wolf.

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A good day carving turns or cruising through powder fields on the mountain always means a healthy appetite and for me, a search for veggie meals.

Vegetarians can encounter problems in ski resorts. The French think ham doesn’t count. Americans think you only eat boiled vegetables. Italians are my favourite; you can always get pizza and pasta.

For the past few years I’ve been doing my skiing in some of the best ski resorts in Austria and have found the vegetarian food surprisingly good. I was worried; I don’t have any German/Austrian language skills and my expectation was sausages and goulash.

To get a Top 10 of veggie meals available in Austrian Ski Resorts was still a bit tricky and purists will assert that puddings and drinks don’t count, but hey, this is ski food and everyone has a sweet tooth and a desire for alcohol!

Vegetarian Grostl, a favourite in Austrian Mountain Huts

Whether you are a veggie or not; if you’re heading for a German or Austrian ski region check out these local specialties when eating on the mountain.

Top 5 veggie Meals found in an Austrian Ski Resort.

  1. Grostl.
    Traditionally a leftovers fry up including lots of potato with a fried egg on top, Al Murray would claim this makes it a British dish, but I’ll give it to the Austrians. If you are a veggie make sure they don’t sneak any meat in.
  2. Spinatknodel.
    If you get a portion with three spinach dumplings on the plate, beware; if you eat all three you may not be able to move for the rest of your ski trip. Drenched in brown butter, spinach dumpling is truly the food of champions.
  3. Kasespatzle.
    I’m not sure how this is made, but it looks like and tastes like a cross between pasta, noodles and gnocchi and comes smothered in cheese sauce: A macaroni style comfort food and cheese feast.
  4. Fladlesuppe.
    The Austrians like their soups and like their pancakes and this dish combines the two perfectly. If you’ve only ever had pancakes with lemon and sugar try this, delicious. Strict veggies need to check the soup is not made from meat stock nor has any floating chunks.
  5. Topfenstrudel.
    Strictly speaking we are now straying into pudding territory. A traditional strudel pastry crammed full with a cheesecake style filling. Often served with whipped cream on the side, but, without this, is quite savoury and very, very filling.

5 Veggie Meals not enough for you. Try another 5.

  1. Kaiserschmarrn.
    Usually served in a portion big enough to share between the whole group. This dish comprises chopped up pancakes topped with a selection of fruit (usually plum or apple) compotes, sugar and cream. Definitely pudding. Do not make the error of ordering this just for yourself.
  2. Apfelstrudel.
    No list would be complete without the national dish; apple strudel. The apple is usually spiced, the portion is usually large and accompanied by a mountain of whipped cream: What’s not to like?
  3. Germknodel.
    Weird looking steamed yeast dumplings that are the size of your head! Filled with jam (usually plum) and served with a lake of custard, that’s custard, NOT crème anglais, and sprinkled with a mixture of crushed poppy seeds and sugar. A great dish to share between two for elevenses.
  4. Gluhwein.
    Every country has its own version of mulled wine and within every country there are good and bad recipes. From a concoction of cheap red wine, cinnamon and sugar to heady mixtures that include grand marnier or brandy and a selection of spices like vanilla, cloves and star anise – go easy on the fruit.
  5. Jagertee.
    Never, I repeat, never try skiing after drinking jagertee. Often served in 250ml jugs this heady mix of rum, brandy, wine, tea and spices can’t fail to warm you right down to your toes. Originally created for hunters, jagertee is a firm favourite for après ski.

Enjoy! My favourite recipes for these delights and others are tagged here.

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